Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 19th Flooding

June 19th, heavy rains hit West Allis, flooding many areas. We had a knock on the door at 4am from our neighbors telling us the basement was flooded. We soon found out, it wasn't only the basement, but the garage, and the back parking lot. We couldn't get into the basement because there was about 4 to 5 feet (yes I mean feet) of water. So we started working in the garage first, getting our Harley's out of the garage and our 2 vehicles out of the back parking lot. Thank god we have a blazer and a truck and that they were parked out in the parking lot, which saved both of our vehicles. Many of the other tenants have severe water damage in their cars. The Harley's are also ok but were in almost a foot of water.

As for the basement, the water had to be pumped out, which took hours and we were finally able to get into the basement at about 11am. There was stuff every where. Thank god we didn't have sewage back up, just alot of water, dirt, and oil. After the cleanup, we didn't lose alot of stuff, because we had mostly empty boxes in our storage unit. We did lose alot of Christmas decorations and a stereo system, but it could have been alot worse.
Picture 1: the basement door at 4:30am, the water had been 3 inches above the door handle
Picture 2: our 2 Harley's sitting in water in the garage-the water in the garage was to the top of the 2nd cement block
Picture 3: the basement at 10:17am (being pumped)-our storage unit is the 2nd from the left, with the treadmill in front of it
Picture 4: the dumpsters outside (garbage from 2 buildings-16 units)

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